Saturday, December 14, 2019

Apple Watch Edition is gone, but Nike+ has a shiny new band for nighttime runners

Apple Watch Edition is no more. The tech giant on Wednesday announced Apple Watch Series 4 at its event in Cupertino, California, though it didn’t mention anything about the special edition models. Yes, the expensive ceramic watch is gone. However, Nike+ is still here and it now has a new band that’s designed to help […]


Samsung’s leaked Odyssey+ headset: A reboot for Microsoft’s VR ambitions?

    I thought the original $499 Samsung Odyssey might be the Windows VR headset to beat — but VR in general hasn’t been an immediately huge success, and we’ve barely heard a peep out of Microsoft’s Windows Mixed Reality since we discovered the first round of headsets were kind of a mixed bag to begin […]


Apple Watch 4: Rumored specs, features, leaks, price, release date

The Apple Watch debuted back in 2015, and in the three years since, it’s become the top watch on the market. But it’s also kept a pretty similar-looking design. Updates have included GPS and full swim-ready water resistance in the Apple Watch Series 2, and onboard cellular connectivity in Apple Watch Series 3. The next […]